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Mechanical-processing production capabilities

1. Lathe work:

- Diameter: D= 10…1600 mm, length: L= 5…8000 mm;

- Diameter: D= 10…500 mm, length: L= 5…8000 mm;

Weight capacity of work part 40 tons.

2.Turning-and-boring machine work:

- Diameter D= 800…6300 mm;

- Height H= 3200mm;

Weight capacity of work part 160 tons;

3. Oversize and milling works (vertical and horizontal machine tools)

- spindle bore 160 mm, table size 1600×1800 mm;

Weight capacity of work part 12 tons;

4. Gear-milling works:

D=4500 mm, module 36;

Weight capacity of work part 45 tons;

5. Drilling works

- slot drilling to Ø75mm

6. Sheet chipping δ=6 mm

7. Portable boring-machine:

- Holes oversize Ø70-1000 mm

8. Moving boring-filler unit mod. WS 1 Plus:

- Holes oversize from Ø37mm to Ø180 mm;

- inner building-up welding from Ø25 mm to Ø250 mm;

- surfacing from Ø20 mm to Ø250 mm.

9. Grooving works:


-         Max – 500mm;

-         Min – 120 mm;

Admitted height of work

-         external works – 650 mm;

-         internal works – 325 mm.

10. Grinding:

- slab grinding 350×150 mm

11. Ejecting press with capability of 630 tons. 

Work performed:

  • Metal fabrication by customer drawing;
  • Spare parts fabrication by customer drawing;
  • Sheet chipping;
  • Sand-blast machine work;
  • Babbit surfacing (babbit layer of friction bearing and bearing half of all typical sizes recovery);
  • Gear box manufacturing and repair, renovation of axis mounting seat, gear wheels, gear-shafts, gearbox housing, and replacement of worn-out parts.
  • Spare parts fabrication and repair for mills (end walls, transmission, discharge trunnion, feed trunnion, drum housing, gear rim etc.)
  • Spare parts fabrication and repair for grinding mills (housing, trunnion ring, adjusting ring, main line, rotor, cam gear, sheave wheel, fly wheel etc.)
  • Renovation of axis mounting seat for bearing parts;
  • Spare parts fabrication and repair for excavators (reduction gear box, gear hoist, axis, bolt, gear rim, mining boom, excavator shovel, attachable equipment etc.)
  • Dry kiln repair (beltline, gear system, roller etc.), travelling drum, plate feeder, head block.