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Ore-mining, size-reduction equipment
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Assembly, dismantling and commissioning work

In addition to manufacturing, assembly and capital repairs of size-reduction and excavating equipment ore-mining and cement industry, one of the main scopes of activities of “NBS Technology” Ltd is implementation of the following full range of services on its own:

  • Dismantling of broken down and old equipment;
  • Assembly of new equipment. Assembly is made in accordance with worked out project design documentation, offered by the client, or according to work documentation, developed by the specialists of our company based on user requirement specification;
  • Commissioning work of assembled equipment – final stage of assembly. On this stage we run and bridging into service of equipment. Works, conducted during the period of individual probation of equipment, implement the requirements, described in the working documentation, according to the standards and specifications for given equipment. During complex performance testing we make checkout, regulation and control of equipment integrated work according to the project in technological process running light with the following equipment shifting to the power operation and shifting to the stable production cycle. Commissioning work content and schedule of its implementation meet the requirements of specifications of equipment producers, labor protection rights and safety rules, fire security;
  • Engineering management – client’s staff consulting and check of assembly conduction and commissioning work, implemented by client’s staff during the bridging into service of client’s equipment, which gives the warranty from producer (supplier).

Content of above mentioned services is developed individually for every project and adjusted with client in details taking into account user requirement specification.

Over the years of work we have a lot of successfully implemented projects. Our specialists took part in equipment assembly process, commissioning work and engineering management on the enterprises of CIS countries:

  • Ukraine:

- dismantling of two mills (wet-grinding) 70х23S and 50х23R on “Zdolbunovskiy cement plant” in 2010-2011;

- dismantling of old equipment on “Heidelberg cement Ukraine” PJSC in 2012

  • Republic of Kazakhstan:

- excavator assembly and commissioning work (Walking dredge 10/70A) on “Varvarinskoye” public company in Kostanay city in 2011-2012;

- commissioning work of crawler mounted mining shovel 8I on “Varvarinskoye” public company in Kostanay city in 2013-2014;

Our enterprise has qualified, professionally educated and qualified engineers with long employment term and experience. It allows us implement assembly and putting into operation of every complexity in fast and qualitative way.